Miquel Suñer Comalat (MSC)

Born in Girona, on the 13th February, 1977 (Aquarius). Technical Engineer in Telecom, MBA. Ideologist and cofounder of Vies Braves project and author of “48 Strokes, only you mark your horizon. Currently working at the company ENDESA.

“Swimming in the sea makes me feel free and alive, in intimate contact with nature”


At the age of 7 he enrols in the GEIEG championship swimming team, fulfilling both training and state tournaments, where he stands out in backstroke swimming.

“Swimming is my own private form of meditation. I rejoice in the silence around me and relax with the sound of my own breathing”


Later, he joins the Waterpolo team in the same sports club; overlapping this discipline with individual swimming training. At 16 he makes his first team debut and participates in the playoffs towards A2 Honour division.

“Team work is the key to reaching the challenges I have laid down for myself”

Open-Water Long-Distance Solo Swimming (without wetsuit and validated by an observing judge)

2008: Strait of Gibraltar (3h 32min.).
2009: Palamós-St. Feliu de Guíxols (2h 48min.)
2009: Roses-L’Escala (3h 48min.)
2009: Menorca Channel, Balearic Islands (12h 19min.). 5th person in completing the crossing.
2010: Illes Medes-Formigues (6h). 1st person in completing the crossing.
2010: English Channel (11h 54m). 10th national swimmer in completing the crossing.
2011: Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (7h 38min.). 6th position and the first catalan to swim it.
2012: Tenerife-La Gomera, Canary Islands. Abandonment after swimming 5h 25min and just 7km to get to La Gomera.
2012: Catalina Channel (8h 11min). Fastest time of the year. 53th in the world and first Catalan swimmer to get the Triple Crown Open Water Swimming.
2013: Rosas – Port de la Selva (8h 50min.). 1st swimmer to swim it.
2013: Tenerife – La Gomera (8h 44min.). 2nd swimmer to swim it.
2015: Robben Island Swim (2h 4min). 1st spanish swimmer to swim it.

“The sea is marvellous, full of life; it is crucial for our own survival and well-being. It needs to be preserved”