Miquel Sunyer

I define myself as a “normal” person and also as an ocean’s explorer. Adventurous, with a passion for outdoor sports and nature. Travelling has given me the change to meet different cultures, most, tightly linked to the sea. Through human contact, I have broadened my horizons and perspectives both personally and as sportsman.
I believe in a purist and romantic way of swimming. I am captivated by the stories of the pioneers and heroes of swimming as Mathew Webb or Montserrat Tresserras. I feel very proud to export my philosophy of life through the project of Vies Braves and to be a Costa Brava brand ambassador.

“Swimming is my own daily private form of meditation. I rejoice in the silence around me and relax with the sound of my own breathing”

Weight: 77-79 Kg
Height: 180 cm
Wingspan: 188 cm
HR maximum: 184
HR resting: 36
Fat: 11-12%
Lung Capacity: 7.88 litros
Static Apnea: 5 min


Miquel Sunyer, ideologist & co-founder of the Vies Braves project


Miquel Sunyer, sharing experiences and knowledge